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About roading

At Spray Marks Roading we focus on the finishing touches for roading projects, meaning you can concentrate on the core work, relax and know we’ll finish it off and make it look great for you.

Providing a complete spectrum of pavement marking, specialist surfacing and installation of tactile studs and roadside furniture, Spray Marks is based in the central South Island, New Zealand. Our operators travel to complete projects not only in the South Island, but throughout New Zealand as well as in the Pacific.

We take road safety seriously and work towards improving road safety systems to help save lives on New Zealand’s roads. The roading industry is highly regulated. Spray Marks has all the certifications, extensive knowledge of all the NZTA network standards and guidelines as well as experience managing contracts governed by New Zealand Standard 3910 (Building and Civil Engineering Construction). You can feel assured that if you use us as a subcontractor, we will keep your site safe, deliver quality services and follow up with strong administration.

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If you have any roading project, contact us and one of our team will get back to you.

Roading Services
Pavement marking, tactile studs and bars, specialist surfacing, roadside furniture.

Spray Marks is actively involved in the industry being members of both Roading New Zealand and the Road Markers Federation which means always thinking about and sharing new ways to improve safety as well as investigate better cost benefits for customers. Close work is also undertaken with suppliers in the development and introduction of new products and systems. We’re always looking for a better way.

Staffed by an experienced team of enthusiastic people who are prepared to go the extra mile to achieve quality, internal strict quality control is practised. Spray Marks is ISO9001:2008 certified which means our version of quality is independently audited on a regular basis. You can be assured that when we turn up to finish off your project, you’ll get an excellent result.

We have an extensive pool of certified road marking machinery and specialist plant enabling us to complete a range of jobs on your site efficiently. You don’t have to co-ordinate 4 different contractors and wait for them to turn up. We’ll come and do it all, professionally, timely and with little to no traffic disruption.

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