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Specialist Coloured Surfacing

Apple Green – Traffic Green – Cycle Lanes

Spray Marks are a well established provider for the supply and install of apple green and traffic green coloured surfacing in the South Island. Other specialist surfacing examples are Anti-skid paint (The Palms, Christchurch pictured below), coloured polyurethane resin and aggregate solutions (pictured Barrington St, Christchurch).

The type of solution depends on the needs of the particular job scope. Often a new surface will have the longer life resin and aggregate solution applied, whereas an existing surface or surface due for renewal within the next couple of years will have the less expensive anti-skid paint solution. Options for the aggregate include recycled glass and calcined bauxite, with bus lane coloured surfacing services also available utilising the same products. Spray Marks can also supply the traffic management and site specific safety plans to ensure the works are carried out effectively.

All works are carried out to meet the requirements of the NZTA P33 specification with a particular focus on delivering effective skid resistance and minimising the loose aggregate around the job site. The most popular colour applied at present is G26 Apple Green which provides excellent day time and night time visibility particularly with the resin and coloured aggregate option.

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